Menu in English

Before Dinner

Glass of champagne

Gaidoz – Forget


Glass of sparkling wine

Crémant D’ Alsace


Bottle of champagne

Moët & Chardon



Prunier Caviar

w. sour cream and shallots. 10 gr / 30 gr / 100 gr 

175,- / 395,- / 1145,-

Roasted pork croquette

w. cabbage, hazelnut, currant and brown sauce


Foie gras terrine

w. red cabbage, truffle and toasted bread 



Steak tatare with orange, horseradish, egg yolk and jerusalem artichoke.
Salted cod with brussel sprout, apple and butter milk.
Smoked duck breast with cherry, fig, corn salad and balsamico.

Main courses

Tenderloin with pom anna, goose berry, onion, orange and red wine sauce.
Meunier fried hallibut with olives, potato, danish cheese, carrot and shellfish sauce.
Rosa fried duck breast with duck croquette, red cabbage, endive salad and caramelized potatoes.


Cherry pie on fragilité with ”ris a’ la mande” ice cream and amarene sauce.
Mulled wine ice cream and Danish pancake puffs with chocolate sauce and hazelnuts.
Cheese plate a’ la Brasserie 1761.

Petit four



1 course kr. 250,-
2 course kr. 325,-
3 course kr. 400,-
4 course kr. 475-

Only 1 main course
Snacks and petit four are bought separately.

Children’s dishes

For kids up to 12 years

Fried fish filet with fries and homemade remoulade.

Tenderloin with fries and ketchup.

kr. 100,-