Menu in English

Before Dinner

Glass of champagne

Gaidoz Forget


Glass of sparkling wine

Crémant D’ Alsace



6 oysters

w. tomato vinaigrette, shallots and lemon.



w. avocado creme og crisp.

10 gr. 160,- / 30 gr. 280,-

Chicken liver paté

w. lingon berries and serrano ham.



Steak tartare w. cress variation and chips.
Marinated and grilled lobster w. lobster bisque, cauliflower and cabbage.
Marinated scallops w. butter, crisp and fennel.
Ravioli w. deer, mushrooms, hazelnut and danish cheese.

Main courses

Slow-cooked tenderloin (150 gr.) w. pom anna, garnish and sauce bearnaise. (300 gr. +100 kr.)
Stuffed chicken from Damgården w. beetroot variation.
Poached dab w. sauce riesling and herbs.
Beer-braised pork jowl w. pom crouqette, celery and bacon.



Fennel panna cotta w. basil ice cream and tuille.
White chocolate bar w. caramel and nuts.
Cheese board, a selection of danish cheese w. bread and garnish.

Petit four

Two little sweets and a cup of coffee
75,- / without coffee 50,-


1 course kr. 200,-
2 course kr. 275,-
3 course kr. 350,-
4 course kr. 400,-
5 course kr. 450,-
6 course kr. 500,-

Only 1 main
Snacks and petit four is bought separately.

Wine menu – price follows the price of courses
Wine menu for drivers kr. 175,-
(Wine menus only served inside)

Children’s dishes

For kids up to 12 years

fish/beef with fries

kr. 100,-

including 2 scoops of ice cream

kr. 150,-